The Creation of Dog

Puppelangelo (b. 1475)

The Creation of Dog, 1512


The penultimate scene in the Canine Chapel, Puppelangelo's used a litany of Raibles to create an angelic scene, showcasing the all-mighty Nigra reaching for the imperfect Maeve. After being restored to its previous colors and glory to be shown to the public, critics believe the removal of crumbs from the numerous treats Puppelangelo devoured while painting the ceiling has diminished the nuance of said work.

American Dogthic

Grant Hound (b. 1891)

American Dogthic, 1930

Oil on beaverboard

Grant Hound's tell-all painting about two Shelties making it in the throws of the Great Depression shows the wear and tear of daily life. While this painting is not based on actual Shelties, Hound decided to depict small-town life after a long walk he took in Iowa. This is one of Hound's more iconic paintings and has often been spoofed with actual people.

Maeve's scream

Edbark Much (b. 1863)

Maeve's Scream, 1893

Oil, tempura, pastel, crayon, and drool on cardboard.

Much recalls that he was on a walk, like a good boy, when he saw the fiery red sunset cascade across the land. He felt the need to howl, and as he did, he caught the attention of a bald man walking a blue merle Sheltie. His howl was so incredible that he stopped both in their tracks. The man dropped the leash and both he and the Sheltie screamed. Much took this image home and painted.